Technical requirements for A/V files supplied for emission purposes on TV stations collaborating with Media5.

Preferred formats:

Format: MPEG2, (*.mpg, *.m2p)
Bit rate - minimal 10 Mbps (recommended:15Mbps), CBR
Resolution: 720x576
Frames: 25fps, interlaced video, lower field first
Proportions: 4/3(1,1) or 16/9(1,44) CCiR601 PAL
Audio: 44,1 or 48kHz, stereo, min. 192kbps


Format: QuickTime (*.mov)
Codec: DV (PAL_601) 4:2:0
Resolution: 720x576
Proportions: 4/3(1,1) or 16/9(1,44)
Framesi: 25fps, interlaced video, lower field first

Data carrier: DVD/Data or HDD (NTFS/MAC, USB or FireWire400)
Files can also be uploaded on FTP servers.

Standard video and audio cuts must be in accordance with norms and technical requirements. Attention should be paid to:
  • maximum vision signal levels (105% according to EBU)
  • Maximum audio signal levels (-3dB)
  • Maintaining a safe field within the picture in accordance with the PAL system
  • Maintaining proportions between sounds (especially between music and speech, avoiding excessive dynamics compression).
Please note:

Stations cooperating with Media5 accept various file formats under special circumstances, in SD and HD resolution.
If supplying files which differ from the above specifications, we recommend first supplying a sample for technical and compatibility-related verification.