Media5 provides a complete range of services, tailored to meet customer requirements. Apart from commercial time and advertisement space sales, our marketing department helps our customers choose the perfect, custom form of advertisement. Our clients include media agencies, advertisement agencies, corporations as well as small and medium-sized companies. We invite all TV stations to collaborate with use; we provide professional management and commercial time sale services.

1. Advertisement campaigns – CPP commercial spot packages, GRP packages and ad campaigns according to our price list.

2. Program, film and TV series sponsoring – we suggest 8-second sponsoring billboards before and/or after each sponsored program.

3. Custom advertisements – our creative marketing department can prepare unconventional forms of TV advertisement in accordance with
    customer requirements.

4. Teleshopping – commercial strips targeted to those who wish to do their shopping without leaving their homes.

5. Product placement – offers a wide range of possibilities of placing products and services in TV productions, including TV series,
    entertainment programs and talk shows.

6. Online advertisements – online advertisement guarantees low campaign costs and high success indexes. Media5’s offer includes a wide
    selection of websites, including websites owned by TV stations: Tele5, Polonia1, ITV, and CSB TV.

7. Telenewspapers – we implement advertisement campaigns based on the teletexts of three TV stations: Polonia1, Tele5 and 4 Fun TV.

8. Audiotexts – Media5 offers a complete range of audiotext services. We are the leading audiotext advertisement provider in Poland.